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Article Text API v1.0

Social Animal provides a powerful content API that lets you analyze content in very flexible ways. While the Content API provides you useful data on content, the Article Text API provides you a way to get text that makes up an article. While using this API, you get the article text extracted from the HTML of the originally hosted article. There is no need for you to resort to other methods to extract text from the HTML.

Things you need to know before you start

  • The quota for a non-batched mode API call is 1.
  • Rate limit is 1 req/sec by default, but customizable according to the subscription plan upto 5 req/sec. See the support section in this document for more details.

Article Text API endpoint

GET /api/v1/article/content

In Social Animal APIs, any article is uniquely identified by its “content hash”. The Social Animal Article Text API is an extremely simple API to use. It fetches the text content for the article identified by the content hash you provide as an argument to the API call. The content hash of all articles in the system is available from other Social Animal APIs like the Social Animal Content API or the Social Animal Share Count API.

Please refer to the query parameters below for further details.

Request Object Parameters

There is sufficient indication of whether parameters are mandatory, mutually exclusive, etc. Should you have any trouble using the Social Animal Article Text API, please see section below on support.

The Query

  • hash (String, optional) -- Content hash of the article (Recommended)
  • url (String, optional) -- Link to the article

Request Sample

Successful Response Sample

    "article": "The Journey of Egeria, Abbess and pilgrim to Jerusalem, late fourth century, Pilgrimage 37: SC 296, pp. 284–90, Egeria: Diary of a Pilgrimage, tr. Gringras, pp. 110–3.\n\nThe Journey of Egeria, Abbess and pilgrim to Jerusalem, late fourth century, do so, do not keep watch there. But those of the clergy who are either strong enough or young enough, keep watch there, and hymns and antiphons are sung there all through the night until morning. The greater part of the people keep watch, some from evening on, others from midnight, each one doing what he can."


Should you need any support regarding the Social Animal Content API subscription plans or developer support in general, please feel free to reach out to us at